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Everyone was really warm and friendly and the appointment went quickly. It really was one of the gentlest cleanings I've ever had. I'll definitely go back.

Living Social patient review 8/24/11

Best dentist experience ever. Nancy Rocks too!

Living Social patient review 6/28/11

Sarah at the front desk was great. Nancy cleaned my teeth with more care than ever before in my life, and I am 63 years old. Dr. Damon was extremely professional. I was so thrilled with his professional office that I called the office the next day to again say thank you. I actually have dentists in my family who care about dentistry. It was wonderful to experience Dr. Damon, another dentist who cares about his patients and believes in what he does.

Living Social patient review 6/10/11

Nancy the hygienist was great. Sarah at the front was helpful and friendly. Dr Boyd was very professional and straight forward about what my teeth needed. Very positive experience and will see Dr. Boyd as my regular dentist.

Living Social patient review 6/7/2011

Fantastic everyone there! Yay Dr. Boyd!! Nancy!!

Living Social patient review 6/7/11

Very professional and great customer service!

Living Social patient review 6/28/11

Dr.Boyd and his staff were extremely helpful, caring and nurturing. I have never had such a wonderful experience at the dentist and would recommend him to anyone I meet. Thank you Dr. Boyd and staff!

Living Social patient review 7/13/11

It is a great dental office and stress free!

Living Social patient review 7/5/11

Dr. Boyd did a great job on my dental implant. You can't tell it's not my natural tooth, and the whole procudure was no more complicated than a crown.

R. Riley
General Contractor 10/7/2011

A dental implant is amazing technology, painless and permanent. It's the way to go.

Sarah J. Ozment

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